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Omega Replica Watches took advantage of the "Museum Night" festivities in Biel (Switzerland) to unveil what they call: "A true piece of technology from the past". The First Omega Replica Watches Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition is available in only 18 pieces, each watch contains a chronograph from Omega Replica Watches, dating back to 1913.

Let's start with the basics. The watch measures 47.5mm in diameter, and is made of 18K white gold. 18K Sedna (tm) gold was used to make the crown, pusher, and the dial. The movement is the main reason for the large size. The case has been fitted with wire lugs, similar to those that were used on the cases of early 20th-century pocket watches. This allows them to be worn over the wrist using leather straps.kingwatchltd.cn

Only 18 pieces of the first Omega Replica Watches Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition are powered by the 18"'' CHRO calibre.

The dial is then covered in "Grand Feu", with "Petit Feu", enameling applied to the Arabic numerals, and the scales. The holes are created on the main dial using a high pressure water jet. This allows the sub dials to be recessed. On a secondary dial, four sub dials using the same enameling procedure as above are created -- two 15 minute counters and 2 running second counters. They are then cut out using a high-pressure jet and fitted into the holes in the main dial.

Assembling dial of The First Omega Replica Watches Wrist Chronograph Limited Edition

The movement is revealed when you turn the watch over.Patek Philippe Replica Watches This is the true essence of this timepiece. Omega Replica Watches's essentially reached into their own museum vaults to retrieve 18 examples of the 18''' CHRO calibre from 1913. This caliber was designed to fit the First Omega Replica Watches Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition.

First Omega Replica Watches Wrist-Chronograph Limited Edition, with the 18"' CHRO calibre of 1913

The 18"'' CHRO as it would have looked after it was removed from the vaults at Omega Replica Watches's Museum