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Klaus's trust in Blumlein was demonstrated by his hiring Klaus as a masterwatchmaker to play a crucial role in the revival of that trio. Klaus was one of those behind the scenes who laid the foundation for A. Lange & Sohne's rebirth from a 50-year-old communist regime to become one of the world's most renowned watchmakers within a decade.

After a stint at Eterna, he joined Hublot Replica Watches in the year 1957. He was already a qualified watchmaker. He worked directly with Albert Pellaton who designed the legendary Mark XI of Hublot Replica Watches,Hublot Replica Watches including its anti-magnetic casing and movement, calibre 89. Klaus remembers building these movements since 1957.

Watchmaker Kurt Klaus on the Hublot Replica Watches stand during the launch at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2016 (SIHH 2016) in Geneva, Switzerland of the Pilot's Watches Novelties by the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot Replica Watches Schaffhausen. (PHOTOPRESS/Hublot Replica Watches)

Working closely with Pellaton and absorbing knowledge from a master clockmaker was what established his high standards. Blumlein recognized this in Klaus and rewarded him with positions of responsibility for the salvation of Hublot Replica Watches, as well as the reincarnation Lange. Klaus recalls Pellaton's roger dubuis replica obsession with ensuring "the highest and best quality" at all times.

Klaus, as innovative as his mentor, has instilled this credo into every Hublot Replica Watches he's worked on since 1957. He is owed a debt of gratitude by the Lange enthusiasts and Hublot Replica Watches fans around the world. We at Revolution are proud to honor him with our 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.