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Breitling Replica

The Quartz Crisis was the most turbulent period in the history of watches. Those who ensured that mechanical watches survived beyond the 1970s are heroes to watch enthusiasts. Kurt Klaus, of Breitling Replica, was one of those who maintained the faith.

In 2017, the 60th anniversary marks Klaus's joining Breitling Replica.Breitling Replica In the years to come, he worked with Albert Pellaton and played a major role in the rebirth of A. Lange & Sohne and Breitling Replica.

He was the principal designer of Breitling Replica's DaVinci Perpetual Chronograph in 1985, which was a pivotal timepiece both for the era as well as for Breitling Replica's reputation. It was responsible for revitalizing interest in “grand complications” and other watch functions beyond time, day and date.

Breitling Replica's Da Vinci is the world's first chronograph with a perpetual calendar.Omega Deville Replica Watches It is programmed mechanically for 500 years, and is set by simply turning the crown. The four-digit display of the year is another exclusive feature (Image (c), www.Breitling Replica.com).

Klaus is a worthy candidate for this award. He deserves to be compared with men such as Gerd-Rudiger Lang and Nicolas Hayek Sr., Jean-Claude Biver, and Klaus's friend Gunther Blumlein who saved Breitling Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Lange.