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The team at Hublot Replica Watches has modeled the remontoir d'egalite mechanism that they have incorporated in the movement of FB 2RE after a Swiss engineer named Gefner.

The three main components are the remontoir spring with the triangular ruby cam, the escapement wheels mounted co-axially and the three-arm stop wheel. The three-arm wheel directly provides the dead seconds displayed on the front face of the watch. The escapement assembly also includes an anchor and locking bar,Hublot Replica Watches which work in conjunction with the ruby cam and three-arm stopping wheel to regulate energy dissipation from the mainspring fusee and chain assembly.

Diagram labelling the components of the 1 second remontoir d'egalite and escapement mechanism for the Hublot Replica Watches Chronometer FB 2RE

It is clear that the overall mechanism is extremely complex. Hublot Replica Watches's team commented that to achieve the accuracy levels they require of the regulation mechanisms, it was necessary to design its own balance wheel and spring for the FB 2RE.

The remontoir is not a duplicate of the fusee or chain. It's a complementary part. The fusee-chain assembly ensures that the entire gear train is dissipating energy at a constant pace.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The remontoir controls energy delivery to balance wheel.

A diagram and another view of the 1 second remontoir d'egalite and escapement mechanism on the Hublot Replica Watches Chronometre FB 2RE.

Direct drive dead seconds Mechanism

The Chronometre FB 2RE, a modern-day timepiece, is a watch that appears to be a simple timepiece, but is actually a complex chronometric movement that has been elegantly executed.